What a Night!: Celebrating “Arrival” with Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

Monday night was not one to be missed: The energy! The laughter! The brilliant poetry! We at Painted Bride Quarterly were so incredibly honored to celebrate at our monthly Black Sheep Pub reading “Arrival,” Cheryl Boyce-Taylor’s new collection of poems on origin, self, loving, living, and home.

We were also joined by Dilruba Ahmed, Ellen Hagan, and Cynthia Dewi Oka reading their own work. Here are some of our favorite, quote-worthy moments of the night:

Dilruba Ahmed in her opening lines: “All of my poems fall into two broad categories: it’s either Death or Not Death.”

Ellen Hagan in a poem on who she wants her daughters to become: “Be all the women they warned you against being.”

Cynthia Dewi Oka expressing her appreciation of poetry: “It makes me grateful for poetry and the mystery with which it lets us go about things.”

Cheryl Boyce-Taylor in a striking, powerful line from “Tools”: “Learn to live with the smallest muscle of your heart.”

Such amazing moments. But what did one guest say was the best part of his night? Providing cell phone lighting for Mrs. Boyce-Taylor during her reading – how sweet!

Stay posted for our next reading at the Black Sheep Pub!

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