Valerie Fox: Two Important Questions About Pornography

Who do you know that is really into pornography?
Why are they so into pornography?

A friend of mine with three children always wants
to talk about pornography, well, “porn.”

She worries about what the kids see.
She worries they’ll see something they will never forget.

Like for instance (she has a few examples
she likes to cite here).

She knows the real names of the actors.
She knows who is or isn’t into that “degradation shit.”

Lori (not her real name) even knows their hobbies,
their other careers.

Me, yeah, I’m pretty uptight (and married, one child).
I’m thinking mostly unhappily married people like porn.

Though I did not like it that time I was
(extremely) unhappily married, come to think of it,

when I was a “pursuer” (neurotic)
and my husband was a “distancer” (sociopath).

Sure, a lot of us, especially women get caught up
in defining ourselves as hard-working team-players

or categories like that. Our sphere
of influence whether it be in cyberspace

or in-person communications is a debatable achievement.
Sometimes I read something and just can’t forget it, too

and I am also good at forgetting almost anything
I see or hear. You should hear what “Lori”

has to say when she isn’t talking porn.
It’s just as blue.

The way she says these things is funny the first time.

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