Tyler Antoine: Dick Poem

All I want to do is suck your dick. I want to take your dick and call it really mean names. I want to run over your dick while it’s riding its dick-bicycle with my not-your-dick-car. When your dick is crying out in pain, I’m gonna tell your dick that hospitals are too expensive to stay alive within your means these days, and that your dick would be better off going home with me, where I can nurse your dick to health, like your dick deserves, like your dick really wants, like I really want for your dick. Gosh, your dick worked really hard today, didn’t it? I had a feeling. I had a feeling about your dick, and how hard your dick worked today. Let me take care of that dick. Lemme suck that dick. Then it won’t need to go to the hospital. Then I can keep running over your dick before sucking it back to health, over and over, until the end of time, or at least until one of us gets bored.

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