Mathias Svalina: The Walrus Dance

(for 3 or more players)

One child is the Walrus. One child is the Trainer. The other children sit in the sun fanning their programs to cool their sun-flushed faces. A circle is drawn in chalk on the asphalt & the Walrus lies facedown inside a circle.

The Trainer commands the Walrus to turn over, to waddle, & other such dance moves. The Walrus obeys the commands, but sneaks slowly toward the Trainer. When the Walrus is very close to the Trainer he pushes the trainer outside the circle into the icy water, wherein the Trainer either drowns or freezes. The Trainer should act either death with much screaming.

The other children sit in the sun, complaining about the price of popcorn & the long lines at the soda fountain. They look at each other’s red faces & say “You’re getting such wonderful color,” & “Your skin will soon be so brown that I will barely be able to see you,” &”Will you go to the churches with me?”

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