Mathias Svalina: The Stomach Ache

(for 1 to 6 players)

One child is the Stomach. The other children are the Aches. A rectangle is drawn in the dirt & the Stomach is blindfolded, ear-plugged & made to lie inside the rectangle. The Aches run in an oval around the rectangle & scream. As they scream the Aches bump into one another, trying to knock the other Aches into the Stomach. When a bumped child lands on the Stomach he is out.

The Stomach must remain stoic within the rectangle. He must chant to himself “I’m not listening. I’m not listening.” If there is only one child playing he is safe from the Ache. The more children playing the more Ache the stomach endures. The game ends when the Stomach takes his blindfold off.

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