Mathias Svalina: The Spy

(for 12 or more players)

Four beanbags or rubber balls are used in this game. Beanbags can be made from shells or wooden blocks. Beanbags should be heavy. So heavy that the child can barely hold them. So heavy that if the child wanted to steal one & take it home he would tire while walking home & fall asleep in the forest. So heavy that when he falls asleep the other children gather around him & create a wall of rubber balls so thick that when he wakes up he can never escape. So many rubber balls that tiny rubber balls can be found inside a child’s mouth.

Chalk marks are made on the ground at desired lengths. A chosen child throws the beanbag into the box. The boy in the circle of big rubber balls keeps the tiny rubber balls in his mouth. The remaining children walk through the woods searching for their lost classmates.

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