Rachel Abramowitz: The New Materials

I was only a module, these things.
If reading a book is the remedy
For walking I’ve heard your voice on the radio, though.
I believe you for the amount of time it takes
To extract my dinner from its chill coffin
And to remember you across from me, or beside.
Were you the one with the unrecognizable German?
Who copied perfect on your umbrella masterpiece?
I don’t believe you dressed faintly in light.
I’ve been watching your shoes swirl inwardly velvet
Like a reflection and smelling of applewood, carefully.
Once I slept and dreamed my eyes would not open.
Last chance for this beautiful white tent
I’ve lifted from the lawn, without help,
A harvest of beams shaking off the night condensed.
This is what I’m offering until
It’s time to think all about me,
Nine-tenths property and all that.
Remember, we are law together. Despite my splash
And newness, I’ll follow you on your errands
And carry your simplicity
For as long as you let me on the ground,
Just crooning by the rink and by.

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