Rosie Garland

Rosie Garland is a UK-based novelist, poet and singer with post-punk band The March Violets. With a passion for language nurtured by libraries, she started out in spoken word, garnering praise from Apples and Snakes as ‘one of the country’s finest performance poets’. Her award-winning short stories, poems and essays have been widely anthologised. She has five solo collections of poetry and the sixth, ‘As In Judy’, is out now (Flapjack Press). Rosie has received the DaDa Award for Performance Artist of the Year, the Diva Award for Solo Performer, and a Poetry Award from the People’s Café, New York. Debut novel ‘The Palace of Curiosities’ (HarperCollins UK 2013) was nominated for both The Desmond Elliott and the Polari First Book Prize. Follow-up, ‘Vixen’, was a Green Carnation Prize nominee. Her next novel, ‘The Night Brother’ is due in June 2017.

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