Ras Mashramani: Sex Aesthetic Purchased

Heather gray
cotton limbed
young horn-rimmed
white tube ribbed
nubile vegan
sweating organic
nippled sheer v-neck

ad on a bus stop shelter.

Long socks
gym socks
b-cup dick print
bearded sweat band
lycra zippered
big bangs boy shirt
dewy belly button
with her legs spread
Oxford sleeves rolled
to the elbow
[and nothing else]
haloed by the sun
on a loft window sill.

Braless small breasts
get political
in t-shirts that read:
legalize gay.

Online inventory
idle clit fiddling.

Wait is that a boy or
Jesus where do they
get these delicately
camel toed
tousle haired
every adolescent
spontaneous locker room
androgynous androgyny
sex dream
with a conscientious
retro slick

Every timid
unexpected boner
boxer brief
training bra
wonder roo
boy boy charm.

Every clubbing hipster
drunk girl spouting
Ginsberg and tagging up
The Barbary bathroom stall
while Sweatheart fucks it up
on stage
the vacuous
the beautiful
pressing unisex
against mine.

I’ve wriggled into
something nude and
see through and backless
for somebody
with the help of a Groupon
and felt something like

a transitional neighborhood:
Guilty. Dangerous.
Attractive to young aimless
artsy fucks.

In short, American Apparel
my cunt.

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