Episode 26: Preparation H is Easier on the Mouth

Present at the Editorial Table:

When Tim reads (via Wikimedia)

When Tim reads (via Wikimedia)

Kathleen Volk Miller

Jason Schneiderman

Marion Wrenn

Tim Fitts

Denise Guerin

Sara Aykit

Maureen McVeigh


Engineering Producer:

Joe Zang

In this episode, our lovely and larger-than-usual editorial table discusses “Vultures,” a work of fiction written by Alex Pickett.


Alex Pickett

Alex Pickett

In the winter of 2010, Alex Pickett volunteered for six months at a state park in Alaska, which is where he got most of the information for this story. Think cold: as in the characters, the stark landscape, the miles of snow.


As our podcast newbie Maureen puts it, “Vultures” fosters a great discussion among our team. We all agree that the characters were natural, and created a gripping tension that made us keep reading. Despite the hopeful and heroic (?) ending, we were left contemplating self-awareness, desperation, and a darker view of people as both predators and prey.


Does “Vultures” get a thumbs up from PBQ? Listen and find out. One thing’s for sure, this one was a “Tuffy!”


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