Episode 23: The White Episode

Present at the Editorial Table:
Kathleen Volk Miller
Marion Wrenn
Tim Fitts
Denise Guerin
Sara Aykit

Engineering Producer:
Joe Zang

Today we talk about “White,” fiction by Aggie Zivaljevic!

Aggie Zivaljevic

Aggie Zivaljevic

Aggie Zivaljevic’s fiction ​has appeared or is forthcoming in The Literary Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Narrative Magazine, Joyland, Crab Orchard Review and Speakeasy.  She lives in California and curates Story Is the Thing, a ​quarterly reading s​eries at Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park.

On her desk, Aggie keeps a framed writing advice given to her by Simon Van Booy,“Write as you garden — with passion, awe, intent, and openness.” You can check her San Jose garden (she gets lots of help from her dog Sundance) board on Pinterest.

This week’s piece led to a lot of great discussion! While we analyzed our favorite and not-so-favorite moments in this story, our table discussed fiction as a genre: its purpose and the functions it must serve for its readers. With lingering depictions of artwork and thoughts on the process of grief, this story certainly provided conversation. However, did “White” do it for us? Listen and find out!

We end this episode by talking about a few of the things that make us happy: like the Korean release of The Soju Club, The Band Joseph, Heather Birrell’s Mad Hope, roommates, and donuts!

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