O. V. Oveson

O. V. Oveson was born to an ordinary, Mid-Minnesota winter in the 1960s. He has been writing poetry, creating artwork, and working with his hands since the early 1980s. Oveson worked in colleges and universities throughout Minnesota for twenty years. In 2013, he settled happily into his current role as a lecturer at Iowa State University in Ames. Oveson draws his influence from his origins in the Great North Woods, artists ranging from Henry Moore to Paul Klee to Georgia O’Keefe, and all types of music evolving through the study of the Sister Arts. Words have always formed a little bit differently in his mouth, and he has found a poetic home with the writers of the Great Plains, where bold words rest easy in the strong wind. A variety of approaches and media echo his love of the language, jazz, and images as bold features in his visual work.

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