O.V. Oveson: Ode to Dave Dahl

He was the Weatherman who came to my grade school when I was young.
back when it was safe and I would look at the skies with hope.
when the storms rolled in, Dave Dahl was on channel 5
all day long telling me when to take cover,
and when to sound the “all clear.”

I pity those who get caught up with the Weather Girl
on the early evening news- staring at those long legs.
she is but the running dog for Dave Dahl.
we all know who writes the forecast
and Dave Dahl has rarely done me wrong
the father I always wanted.

After an evening of popcorn and COPS,
I brush my teeth and take to the bed
and often, next to my wife,
with the little dog curled between us,
at 9:17 it will be time for the weather
and I will turn to my precious and say,
“Honey, I really trust Dave Dahl.”

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