Morgan Parker: Apology With Pearls On

Is it enough that I am in bed
with Digable Planets, silk pajamas?

Was going to say “shitty,” got
auto-corrected. Took back

“leopard print,” inserted
houndstooth. I am moving

on up, getting dee-luxed.
Cleaning the house without

your tongue. Not rolling
in my six-four toward

anywhere. Green hills, wild blue
what you’re thinking

I can also think. If I want I can
cross my legs, or hush.

Make darling less sharp.
I whittle down to lace

stockings, get laser-removed.
Skip dollar Bud Thursday to slink

along the Chelsea circuit white-wined.
I’ll take this one: graceful gold-tipped point

to culture no pop all fizzle. To canvas,
a savings account with truffles.

Think eggshell white, stainless
gums clenched. Uptightening

in sonatas I call home. Finally
planting basil, patient to save you

a sprig. Improved, I ask
instead of take.

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