Veronica Castrillón: Minding the Sounds

I’ve watched the mouth have known it to swell with blood lust
I’ve heard

hands make unspeakable sounds when they crashed on the surface
of another

or myself it seemed we loved winter made frost of mercy(look at
us ( then

there were vows we laid bare to remember only the body kept its
word black

characters betrayed in not betraying themselves as some letters
refused to open]

the h didn’t reveal it was a b until it was too late it dropped its
contents its sound

we couldn’t know their limits we couldn’t break in their ability
to snap a life

in two or me from my mine my mine that sound could differ in
meaning /you

used here which burns no different than hear, witch burns I saw
you insistently

misinterpret the sounds of my hair the fabric of a mind set aflame
my eyes green still

you didn’t understand your body didn’t listen to my
body ‘s color ‘s


bdurate eye the tongue unimpressionable parchment refused the
word heard by

and by the ear merely cleft the two listen, —-love unmatched
voice of warm

figs I would eat for breakfast I had to remain silent (!) most of
the time
my words were lying ______ in wait I was searching for the
proper ones

I knew; I would have to; bury us in

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