Mel Bentley: Tonight We Are Delighted

    We are delighted at the atomic level. We are delighted once again after many years. We are delighted to be joined. We are no stranger. Where we overlap we have become children. When we are excited, we move, and our movement produces a lubrication that is most like money, a wooded feeling, grainy. What can we do? It makes a pleasant impression. Deeply involved and intertwined, we keep trotting it out, the grainy feeling. We are worked closely, we are slept like a baby transitioning into a libretto. We have included, by now, numerous volumes and awards, joined, illustrated, graphic, inside an egg. We pick at it, the egg. We pay her. Begin to pay her. We begin to pay her perhaps too slowly. It helps us every day of our life to be human, or to try to be human. She’s jagged. She’s dead now from killing herself. Many things remind us of her, and a lot of that may just be the temporal proximity of our memories to each other. Maybe that’s just the surface, like sushi on ice. We can’t eat sushi without laughing at our expense. She leaked, and what she leaked included us. We wonder what book we might have given her had we thought to give one. We make stuff that people want to buy in order to console ourselves. Without her to hold us we ooze a little and there are some areas of separation, but mostly we remain. We are emulsed like a fine mayonnaise. It’s not an issue of whether or not anyone believes in us, it’s an issue of identity and identification. We don’t have an identification. Identification is a distinction that implies boundary. A boundary belongs to neither the inside nor the outside. A boundary belongs to both insides and outsides, and we have none. We don’t push, neither do we run. We fruit. We flow. We jam. We were kind of into farming the room at one time, but the main thing we are kind of into is being a jam band. We began as a general impulse to want to be great, but we depend upon the network for all of our consumption. When we lost contact with the roaming network the main band fell apart. We love the way that we build followers, and the way that we aggregate. We feel like we’ll probably settle somewhere, but it’s hard to tell. :)

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