Matthew Burgess: Nocturne

Maybe an orange
will help. Or a
Minneola tangelo.

I know. Auto-
correct tried to
make it Minnelli

and Liza helps
get the neighbor’s
Rottweiler out

of my next dream
I hope. I had
said provocative

things at a curb
then the deadbolt
went suddenly

butter. But I
was naked in
winter fridgelight

before the fist-
fight in the foyer
and the orange

is eaten. I mean
Minneola tangelo.
Forecast predicts

snow by seven
AM. Waking up
has always been

the surest way
out of my trickiest
pickles. Waking

up and writing
‘trickiest pickles’
or seeing your

picture: delicate
nest in a branch
pinned against

your studio wall.
The ghost above
is merely light.

There’s no telling
what happens next.
‘Night again.

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