Linda Sultanoff: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I’ll begin in the morning on Monday.
I can’t possibly diet today.
               I’ll be having lunch out,
               Just a salad no doubt,
But I can’t start a diet that way.

And I can’t start a diet on Friday.
Friday’s too close to Saturday night.
               And a brief interlude
               With some non-diet food,
On a weekend, seems perfectly right.

And at Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years,
Though I try to get into the mood.
               All that stuffing piled high,
               Turkey breast, pumpkin pie,
Who can diet with all of that food?

And when visiting friends on vacation,
While I welcome the challenge to choose.
               A small cream-filled éclair
               Is so hard to prepare.
I would hate to seem rude and refuse.

But, of course, I’ve decided to diet
In a calm and intelligent way.
               I’ll learn how to eat right.
               I’ll begin Monday night.
I can’t possibly diet today.

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