Lara Egger: Getting Drunk on Dean Young

It is a choice between fire and ice,
between the cowardly lion and puss
in boots, between the word and the flesh
and the doubt in the middle. Blake
said it best, desire should be un-
stoppable, not a choice: rice crispies
or cocoa puffs, the baby or the freedom
of the bath, not a deliberation on keeping
the airplane blanket or not. Research
suggests: all-you-can-eat buffets increase
the likelihood of infidelity. It has been
ten years since you looked at yourself
naked. You take piano lessons
because you think it will make you
more attractive. In some countries
it is illegal to be yourself.  After coffee
and bagels, your mother admits
she has never been in love. Did John
Prentice and Joey stay together?
The neighbor’s dog has died, and even
though she wasn’t yours, you feel
like you might have lost the one
living creature who understands you.
Your friend tells a joke about raping
a unicorn. Somewhere there is a picture
of you, doing the right thing.

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