Judith Ann Levison: Slipping Through a Life

The walk-in closet has its say of early dates
Gone awry with a tiny brown silk, its column
Shrivels upon the floor to reveal the transparencies
Of violet, white veins on hands reaching for
After dinner drinks, crackers with olive placed hats

You later sit wilted upon wrinkled sheets,
Unalarmed your thin straps keep falling down
As others notice your homely bones, a ladder to
Your pony tail, a halo to no form and the mirror’s
Cosmetic laugh: they soon will never see you
Sip steam from spoons, smear cotton candy
Clouds across the plate of a full moon

At your job a large women rips hangers from
Dresses as they clack in a heap upon the floor
She then seeks help from you–
You drape her figure in a no nonsense way
Smoothing and shaping, show her the cloth of a smart gray

She envies your long limbs like a tree about to blossom
Near death you slip through your engagement ring
Wearing white muslin

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