Jennie Malboeuf: The Part of My Father Will  

  Be Played by Jack Nicholson

Big white teeth. My brother
reminds me he isn’t Irish.
But the brows are the same.
Horned and intense, he’ll do
a plum job.

In this scene, something isn’t
right. The lighting is strange;
the furniture that was there
is now here. Or gone entirely.
Someone is standing in

the background that wasn’t
just before. And that yawn sounds
like a door closing (or opening).
Everything looks normal but
one thing has blood on it.

I didn’t mention the scariest
part jumpcut!
a man in a bear suit.
You can’t help but like him,
he commands attention

with broad arms or bright eyes
when seated. His face looks
crooked in the wrong direction
when you glance together in the mirror.

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