J. Oscar Franzen: Did You Hear About Some Woman With  

  an Ear Growing in her Arm?

I heard she’s preggers, and the baby ear got tablesawed by tortilla chip fragments.
Ear got into the bloodstream somehow.
Ended up elbowside.
*          *          *
No, she’s a mule trafficking in Ecuadorian ears.
*          *          *
Wrong-o.  I heard the boyfriend dryhumped her elbow.
Little swimmers got into her skin pores.
Months later, an arm baby.
*          *          *
You’re way off.  Finnish organ thieves.  That’s their MO.
Specialty brokers.
Coolers and coolers of ears on ice.
Helicoptered in from Helsinki.
*          *          *
Negatron.  It’s the ear of J-Chris, the hip-hop Godson.
Shroud of Turin the sequel, bitches.
Reminder to us VIP thumpers to keep bassing out the boom-ass.

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