Poetry: Issue 91

Terry Adams: Ant asks where?
Cory Andrews: Rejection Letter Re:
Lisa Andrews: Some Things My Parents Said
Tyler Antoine: Dick Poem
Holly Teresa Baker: To an ecologist
Jacob A. Bennett: The Pugilist
Mel Bentley: Tonight We Are Delighted
Nellie Bridge: Placing an Order
Charles Carr: I am being stalked
A.D. Carswell: The King and I
Michael Derrick Hudson (Yi-Fen Chou): Walking Home from the Redwood Inn and Making Excuses for Still Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Grant Clauser: At the Occult Flea Market and Used Book Emporium
Jim Cory: Excerpts from 777
Kevin Dobbs: Desert Zombies of Doha
Colin Dodds: The Labyrinth in the Third Millennium
Clyde K.L. Elsie: Ode to Jocelyn, Flight Attendant on United #4774 from LGA – CLE by Passenger 14C
Valerie Fox: Two Important Questions About Pornography
J. Oscar Franzen: Did You Hear About Some Woman With an Ear Growing in her Arm?
Leonard Gontarek: from Mr. Ippolito, I Didn’t Complete This Week’s Poetry Assignment, But I Did Write This
Leonard Gontarek: Philadelphia
Leonard Gontarek: Two Poems On Flying
Leonard Gontarek: Virgin Crying In My Dream
Ben Gunsberg: Forgiving Indianapolis
Lynn Marie Houston: The View Up Davey’s Shorts When I was Fourteen
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse (And Close the Loop)
Meg Johnson: First Born
Meg Johnson: My Hermit Tendencies
Jennifer L. Knox: The Bubble That Is You at The End of Your Life
Aaron Krol: What I Am Is A Piss-Poor Novelist
Lori Lamothe: Armageddon Saloon
Lori Lamothe: Virtual Botticelli
Diana Keren Lee: Half a Sonnet
Lynn Levin: Song of the Maenads
O. V. Oveson: Ode to Dave Dahl
Don Riggs: The Flies of Mid-Autumn
Don Riggs: Jupiter Transits My Anus
Linwood Rumney: The Uncertainty Principle
Amy Saul-Zerby: You Should Probably Quit Your Job
Peter Schireson: Love Poem
Lauren Schmidt: The Box Marked “F”
Ali Shapiro: Hook
Christina Shideler: Dat Ass Tho
Christina Shideler: Stick a Fork in Me
Charlotte Simmonds: Here at the Miniature Zoo
Navid Sinaki: In My Mother’s Full Veil
Laura Spagnoli: Celebrity Dream
Laura Spagnoli: Oh Look At the Time
Scott T. Starbuck: Haiku at 70
Nicole Steinberg: Squick
Nicole Steinberg: Talking to Girls About the Good Ol’ Number-Two Taboo
Linda Sultanoff: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
John J. Trause: Regret
Andrew James Weatherhead: Poem for my neighbor’s bird, which I took care of for 10 days while they were in Turkey
Patrick Whitfill: Curiosity (VI)
Veronica Zabczynski: Marriage