Poetry: Issue 89

Hala Alyan: Apology

Hala Alyan: Aubade

Hala Alyan: Of the MRI Images for My Abdomen

John Blair: Aubade for Ash Wednesday

Annah Browning: Taken

John F. Buckley: On Kandinsky’s Open Green, 1923

Nikki Paley Cox: Recliners

Pamela Davis: /Antidote

Heather Dooley: Round 3: A Love Poem

Erin Dorney: Songs In Young Birds

Barbara Duffey: The Frankfurt Kitchen

Jess Feldman: Wyeth

Lia Greenwell: At the Kitchen Sink

Laurel Hunt: Hush now, traveller

Laurel Hunt: exit, covered in paint—

Katharine Johnsen: Consolation

Caleb Kaiser: What Happened In Gehenna

Aaron Krol: The Zoo Has Been Closed to the Public

Joseph O. Legaspi: Pigs

Joseph O. Legaspi: Rouge

Karen An-hwei Lee: Song Of Vayeira

Judith Ann Levison: Slipping Through a Life

Lisa McCool-Grime: Daphne’s Razor

Lisa McCool-Grime: Inauguration Under Andy Warhol’s Jackie

H.M. Merjian: Aleppo: 1915

H.M. Merjian: Father Phantom

Joddy Murray: Sentinel

Aurora Myers: Aquatic Annelid

Jed Myers: Place Poem

Michelle Ovalle: Rewind

Anzhelina Polonskaya: The House of Dora Maar

Theo Rossi: Object Study 1

Elizabeth Scanlon: Clarion Canticle

Robert Siek: Grand Union

Janet Marie Sola: The Children

Soren Stockman: Sound

Soren Stockman: Suddenly

Nomi Stone: War Game, America

Nomi Stone: What is Growing in these Woods

Nomi Stone: Wound Kit

Shannon Wagner: Lore (III)

Daneen Wardrop: Descending to the Airstrip

Daneen Wardrop: Gray Ghost

Daneen Wardrop: The Art of War

Adam Williams: Desire (Insomnia)