Poetry: Issue 80

Rachel Abramowitz: The New Materials
J. Matthew Boyleston: Vision After the Sermon
James Engelhardt: Regarding the Distance Between Our Suburbs
Eryn Green: This Slowly Stampeding
Brian Patrick Heston: An Echo
Kathryn Hunt: The Visitation
Siel Ju: Cleaner
Siel Ju: Longer
Keetje Kuipers: Speaking as the Mail Poet
Christina LaPrease: A Mirror, Dissolving
Teresa Leo: Online Dating
Teresa Leo: The Heart has the Capacity to Break and Reset a Million Times
Ada Limon: Return to Rush and Flutter
Jeff G. Lytle: Maybe We’re Quakers
Marilyn McCabe: In Vino Veritas
Kerrin McCadden: Say Sing
Ashley McWaters: Lesson
Yvonne C. Murphy: Nests
Charles O’Hay: Junk
Charles O’Hay: The Life
Josh Rathkamp: For the First Time in Years
Tomaz Salamun: Letters
Tomaz Salamun: Stork, Lift Your Weight!
Mathias Svalina: Animal Chase
Mathias Svalina: Frog in the Sea
Mathias Svalina: The Spy
Mathias Svalina: The Stomach Ache
Mathias Svalina: The Walrus Dance
Rob Talbert: The Last Scene in Casablanca