Poetry: Issue 79

Veronica Castrillon: Minding the Sounds
James Cihlar: Twin Cities
Amy Hosig: Shrimp
Rocco Lungarellio: Everything is Roundness
Carley Moore: Easy
Carley Moore: The First Between
Delisa Mulkey: The Hitchhiker
Sanjana Nair: Pepper Pike, 1999
Adam Nussbaum: Funeral Arrangement
Eric Ozawa: University Library
Ghita Orth: Roman Busts
Julie Ritter: 5:43am
Sam Ruddick: Details I
Sam Ruddick: Surgery With Violin
Ravi Shankar: Hand Dip
Noel Sikorski: “Make it like your skin”
Noel Sikorski: Eczema
Hillery Stone: Fever
Steven Tarlow: Teaticket Road
Tess Taylor: Landscape