Poetry: Issue 95

Cristina J. Baptista: Monster

Lauren Rachel Berman: serpentdream

Kristin Bock: Compound

Kristin Bock: Matchmakers

Will Cordeiro: Bats

Will Cordeiro: Skins

Emily Corwin: pink girl takes a tumble

Emily Corwin: thwack

Rosie Garland: Out of Water  

Rosie Garland: Nursery Games

Sarah Kain Gutowski: Chapter VI: The Children Have a Request

Sarah Kain Gutowski: Chapter VII: She Grows a Second Heart

Sarah Kain Gutowski: Chapter VIII: She Removes the Stitches

Sarah Kain Gutowski: Chapter IX: The Children Find Her Sleeping

Jayson Iwen: .1.4.1  

Jayson Iwen: .1.4.2

Jayson Iwen: .1.4.3

Babo Kamel: We are not safe  

Jennie Malboeuf: The Part of My Father Will Be Played by Jack Nicholson

Ann E. Michael: If Only

Christina Misite: Loosely Translated

M.D. Myers: Hotel Bluebeard

Paul Nelson: Coyote  

Paul Nelson: Coyotes  

Sarah Rose Nordgren: Breeders

Emily Pérez: Directions

Emily Pérez: Offerings

Emily Pérez: Crossroads  

Maggie Queeney: Last Case on the Murder Task Force

Maggie Queeney: Nox

Maggie Queeney: Cry Wolf

Sarah Sarai: Popularity

Brittney Scott: After the Hunt  

Dana Sonnenschein: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Tria Wood: Godzilla Walks into a Bar  

Keith Woodruff: Bride of Frankenstein Blues

Matt Yurdana: Her Boyfriend’s Frogs