Hilary Vaughn Dobel: Benediction

Because man is prone to strong lustful feelings, and because all men are not strong enough to be celibate, the Church allows the temporary union of marriage as an alternative to sin.
– John Chrysostom


Your days are full like a Chinese lamp with sesame
oil. Sleek her warm and ribboned, no rough touch
but grosgrain and voile. Do not leave her alone
in empty rooms; they are too much for her to fill.
Feed your girl on hot soup and good bread,
hard vinegar and tea, and she will stay with you
always. She doesn’t want the moon. Remember
clary seeds for sore eyes, and tea of the leaves
for birthing-pains. A rag, a wrench, a burning
bride. A sack of grain, and blessings on your child.

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