Dana Sonnenschein

Dana Sonnenschein is a professor at Southern Connecticut State University, where she teaches literature and creative writing. Her prize-winning publications include creative nonfiction (“Figuration,” winner of Quarter After Eight’s Robert J. DeMott Prose Contest, 2005) and poetry (Bear Country, winner of the 2008 NFSPS Stevens Manuscript Award, and Corvus, winner of the Quentin R. Howard prize, 2003). Other published works include the poetry collections Natural Forms (2006) and No Angels But These (2005), and individual poems in journals such as Black Warrior Review, Epoch and Feminist Studies. She loves wolves, ravens, black cats, Universal horror films, folklore from around the world, and the kind of cookbooks that feature ingredients like mummy and shavings from human skulls. Yes, she wears white glove when she handles manuscripts.

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