Clyde K.L. Elsie: Ode to Jocelyn, Flight Attendant on 

   United #4774 from LGA – CLE by Passenger 14C

Sudden feelings like this

I’ve never felt.

You’ve taught me so much about love

And how to fasten my seatbelt.


So much about life is beyond my understanding

But thanks to you

I’ve learned what to do.

In the event of an emergency landing


In the unlikely event of a water landing,

I will be your hero.

You and me, Jocelyn, clinging to a cushion

Like Titanic’s Kate and Leo.[1]


You’re so popular

When you’re passing out treats.

So patient with people,

Who ‘forget’ to put up their seats.


Orange Juice? Coffee? Water?

Calm and steady with the drink cart

“Do you have anything stronger,

To stop the turbulence in my heart?”


Blue scarf tied

Above a blouse of white.

“Hello, my name is Jocelyn,

and I’ll be your crush this flight.”


Your style is modest

With a blue cardigan,

Uniform skirt and leggings,

And a sassy winged pin.


Only you could make

A cardigan look saucy.

“Sir, put your tray-table up.”

“Joce, why you gotta be so bossy?”


Shaky fingers hit the button

To give you a call,

Grace like yours just can’t be bought

Not even in skymall.


I hope we both

Can make this connection,

Otherwise without delay,

I’ll need to reschedule my affection.


Meeting you has been a joy,

And I would be delighted,

If I at some point,

We could fly and be UNITED.



Passenger 14C was flying to Flint via Cleveland on Friday, 6/14/13 to attend a family reunion.




[1] Only I don’t freeze to death.

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