Christina Yu: Help Desk

      At work, I call the Help Desk to ask them to help me fix something on my computer. I explain the problem, step by step. When I am almost done explaining, a new image appears on my screen, and I say, “never mind” into the phone. There is a pause. I am informed that I have been very rude and that my supervisor will be contacted immediately. A few minutes later, my supervisor calls and explains that I insulted the Help Desk by suggesting they were unhelpful. No matter what happens, I must let the Help Desk finish helping me. I write an email to the Help Desk explaining that I did not mean to suggest they were unhelpful. The Help Desk responds by indicating they would appreciate it if I did not call the Help Desk unless I have first helped myself, am no longer able to help myself, have considered other forms of help, am willing to be helped by the Help Desk over other sources of help, and agree to accept their help and no other help until I am helped so that they no longer feel compelled to help.

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