Brenda Nicholas: Bratz Dolls Ask Brunette, Roxxi Bratz, 

   to Write Response Letter to Critics Who Say the Dolls  

  “Encourage girls to think about themselves as sexualized objects.”

Dear Sirz:

We don’t agree with your criticizms of us at all! We are given clothez appropriate for our favorite placez & pastimez, such az shopz, nail salonz, clubz, bandz, datez & moviez. Short dressez are the fashion! And at least we wear pantiez—unlike Barbie. Sure, it is more uncomfortable and embarrassing to loze a shoe, since our whole leg iz attached to it. Once, Cloe had a difficult time dancing with one shorter leg. We laugh about it now.

Yes, we have dilated pupliz and pouty lips, but we believe our disproportionate headz signify the importance of having brainz over boobz, so it offendz us when critics say we are overly sexxualized.

We are in a modern world now. Barbie is a relic. It is long past time for dollz to represent America’z emergence into a more tolerant space. Gone are the Aryan dominated dayz wherein blondz rule the world.

It iz true, the manufacturer uzez one mold to cast us so our bodiez and facial featurez are exactly the same. However, our hair colorz represent global diversity, and some of us are even dyed darker skin shadez.

The bottom line iz, young girlz relate to Bratz dollz. We represent the most important idealz for young women. We represent the American dream, and when girlz play with us, they are able to practice living the livez they too can achieve if they work hard enough.


Bratz Dollz of America

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