Another Month, Another Reading: September with PBQ

“What if instead of the ends of time, we destroy capitalism, and end time?” asked Raquel Salas Rivera, as she read each of her poems in both Spanish and English.

Steve Burns, editor of Apiary Magazine, wrote and read in a rather pastoral style about his family and his passion for writing, saying, “If I could, I’d write monotony and kiss the words on the page.”

Kyle Brown-Watson’s readings conveyed a poet who writes what he sees and feels in doses of thoughtfulness: “Let the world ripen, let it rot / Old flowers made new again.”

Closing out the night was Hayden Saunier, professional actress and poet who advised, “Changes to your itinerary may affect your face.” We loved the clever ideas cultivated out on her farm.

All four authors at our Black Sheep Pub reading last night read with distinction; distinct voices and distinct mediums. Raquel read from her phone; Steve Burns read from printed paper; Kyle Brown-Watson shared from his journal; and Hayden Saunier read from her newest collection, How to Wear This Body.

We were joined by other Philly authors, friends of PBQ who will be participating in the upcoming  literary festival, Philalalia, where you can attend book fairs, a poetry brunch, and readings galore!

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