Mathias Svalina: Animal Chase

(for 5 or more players)

Two bases are marked off, at either end of America. Each child takes the name of an Animal. One child is It. He stands in the center of America & writes newspaper columns about the decline of America. He starts a radio show & becomes tremendously influential. He begins to see himself as no longer It but the voice of the people. When he goes to sleep at night his mother tucks him in & whispers “Sweet dreams, voice of the people.” When his father drops him off at school he calls out “Have a great day, voice of the people.”

The Animals lurk in the darkness of the forest & the shadows of the demolished factories. When stray children pass the shadows they pounce on them. Licking the blood from their claws & beaks they whisper to themselves “I am Animal. I am Animal.”

When the first game ends all children trade names & a new child becomes It.

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