12/7/2016 Tim Fitts on Tastykakes

“By the way, I have some very positive things to say about the candy cakes.  The industrial aftertaste didn’t show up until 30 seconds or so after eating them, and even then the aftertaste was minimal.  The texture, though, was something so elegant, it tasted like something out of the Old Testament.  And the peanut but, just the right amount – almost like a Reese’s peanut butter cup with a cake inside – really fantastic.  Although, I’m certain that this was chemically induced.  The lightness is almost undoubtedly a result of hydrogenated oils, no doubt, and there were three layers of sweet when their should have been one (dextrose, sugar, corn syrup (and I can call those without looking)), but still, a strong cut above the Krimpet and miles and miles ahead of the pies that are now borderline offensive.  Which is odd, because visually, the candy cakes seem the least appealing – the name, too – who wants cake and candy?  Why mix the joys?  Why not cake, then candy, or candy, then cake, but both?  Does one joy amplify the other?  One would think no, but in this case – yes!”

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